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Autumn 2019


Real Estate News

Why do Real Estate Agents ask Sellers to pay upfront? In his book ‘Inside Real Estate’, Peter O’Malley describes what negotiators call the sunk cost syndrome. That is, if you can get someone to invest in an outcome upfront, emotionally or financially, then they are substantially more motivated to want a return on investment. This […]

Spring 2018


Real Estate News

Silent Auction vs Public/Friendly Auction What method delivers sellers the best price? As a seller wouldn’t you want to know the highest price EVERY buyer will pay? All sellers want to get the absolute highest price for their property and fair enough. To achieve this, one of the best pieces of advice a seller can […]

Summer 2017/2018


Real Estate News

What to watch for in 2018 The Newcastle and Lake Macquarie property market enjoyed a solid year of growth in 2017. Will that continue in 2018?  Nobody knows for sure but we thought we’d start the year by informing you of some factors to consider that we hope help in your selling and/or buying decisions. To keep abreast […]

Spring 2017


Real Estate News

How to stop the biggest liar winning your business Given that an agent’s chances of  winning your listing increases dramatically if they are overly optimistic about the price, it’s plausible that some unscrupulous agents basically flat out lie. When asked to price a property, a real estate agent has the opportunity to impress the owner […]

Winter 2017


Real Estate News

The Purpose of an Agent – Valuer or Negotiator? The simple task of selecting an Agent to sell your home can become problematic very quickly. While there might be many Agent’s who pitch for your business, knowing which Agent is the right Agent won’t necessarily be a straightforward decision. Selecting the right Agent becomes all […]