When the time comes to sell your home, real estate agents will ask you to sign an agreement. Home sellers must know that this is a legally binding contract that can become a huge problem for you. Agents may call this a “standard” agreement, however most agreements are made to suit the agent’s standards and requirements, not yours. Some examples of where you can be misled are;

Unnecessarily long agreement periods. A good agent with clever marketing strategies should require no longer than 1 month to sell your home, provided they are being honest about the price. A local agent actually goes as far as demanding sellers give a 30 to 60 day notice period if they want to end their agreement. This means if you are not happy with the agent it can take you many months before you can sack them.

Advertising to be paid by home sellers. Once again, an agent with clever marketing strategies will not ask you to pay advertising. Many real estate agents in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie have large advertising costs attached to their agreement. So in addition to their fee, you are required to pay advertising that often does little more than advertise the agent’s brand in the local paper and/or on the internet.

To avoid being ripped off, it is wise for home sellers to out seek the right information and protect themselves. A simple way to do that is DON’T SIGN ANYTHING with an agent unless the agent signs an agreement with you.

McFarlane Real Estate are the only agents in Newcastle that offer home sellers a ‘CONSUMER PROTECTION GUARANTEE.’