Why More People Choose to Sell With McFarlane Real Estate

With a constant aim is to ensure our clients are better off when they move, McFarlane Real Estate has been providing outstanding real estate services in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie for 40 years and has built a reputation of achieving the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

We are known for being different and pride ourselves on putting our client’s best interests before our own.

We Guarantee You The Best Price

We guarantee you the best possible price for your property.

Using the Nobel Prize winning concept of the Buyer’s Price Declaration, McFarlane Real Estate consistently achieves the best prices in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Real Estate.

We guarantee the final selling price will be the best market price available. This is why we have been a leading Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Real Estate Agency for over 40 years.

Modern Marketing

Our marketing strategies ensure your property gains absolute maximum exposure to find all potential buyers without wasting your money.

Our marketing campaigns include;

Our massive in-house database built over 40 years filled with qualified buyers. No other agent has sold more properties in our area than us and many of our sales are made via our exclusive database that no other agent can match.

Newsletter alerts that reaches thousands of local buyers as well as our online network.

Our hugely popular exclusive property magazine that features all our listings. Our office is strategically located to get maximum exposure and we have a constant stream of foot traffic pass by our office with many taking a copy of our magazine. Our buyer enquiry numbers from this magazine is a key advantage our clients have.

Via our email marketing we can reach thousands of qualified ‘ready to buy now’ buyers in an instant.

Our office is one of only a few Real Estate agencies in the Hunter that have digital window display. We respect that some buyers prefer to search for properties anonymously so we offer our digital display so people walking by our office can view more photos and information of properties for sale in private without having to enquire in our office.

We conduct a heart buyer search for that special buyer. For example, often we find the best buyers live in the same neighbourhood or neighbours have family or know someone looking to move into the area. This is why we conduct an extensive home buyer search around properties we have listed for sale everywhere in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Lower Hunter Region.

Marketing on social media is a key part of how we expose home sellers properties to a wider audience. Often our social network will share homes we’ve listed for sale with friends elsewhere looking to move to the beautiful suburbs that Newcastle and Lake Macquarie real estate has to offer.

Our enormously popular website offers properties for sale and is also an information source for consumers that share a common interest in Real Estate. We also advertise online with the top property portals. Our marketing is designed to find every buyer looking to buy in the area.

You’re the Decision Maker

We respect your right to make all the decisions when it comes time to sell your home.

By choosing McFarlane Real Estate to work as your agent, we feel it is our duty to act as your trusted advisor and leave the decisions up to you. It’s your home and you decide when and how you sell your property, knowing that by choosing us it is not costing you anything unless we deliver the service and price you are completely comfortable with.

Quick Sale

Our strategies are designed to achieve quick results for home sellers and our average sale time is well below the industry average.

Over years of research we have found that the less time properties stay on the market the higher chance of achieving the best price.

This is our duty for you the home seller.

Value for Money

McFarlane Real Estate exists because of our clients and we therefore feel an obligation to offer the best value for money in real estate.

We provide a written guarantee of our service and if you are not satisfied it’s free. Our fees are structured to cater for whatever real estate services you require.

You will find our fees represent excellent value and we guarantee it.

Honest Price Estimate

We sell many properties in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas and have an intimate knowledge of property prices in the area. Our free market appraisal service is very popular and ensures we stay up to date with property values in the area.

We will never lie to you about the price and offer complete transparency on how we appraise your property.

McFarlane Real Estate will provide you with a written guarantee that the price we quote you will be honest and accurate. If your home sells below the price quoted, there is no commission payable.

No other agent in the area offers this guarantee but as a home seller you should demand one.

Professional and Trained Sales Team

McFarlane Real Estate is dedicated to providing the best training in the industry for our staff to ensure our clients receive the best advice and service.

Selling people’s homes is a huge responsibility and we are grateful for the opportunity and trust our clients show in us.

Our sales team are highly trained in negotiation skills and constantly practice their craft. Like any professional, we train daily to ensure our staff provides our clients with the best real estate services in the industry. Our sales team are exceptionally trained in the art of negotiation and this is a key skill that many agents neglect, unfortunately to the detriment of home sellers.

Buyer Magnetised Office

McFarlane Real Estate has been operating for 35 years and is the most recognisable brand in the area. Our office is strategically located in one of the most centrally located points in Newcastle/Lake Macquarie so we can service any area.

Our office attracts hundreds of buyers every month, we have a 24-hour phone line that ensures no enquiry is missed, including international buyers, and with our affiliated offices across the country we have the ability to expose your property to every buyer in the market place.

Longer Opening Hours

We are available when you are.

Our office is open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm every Saturday. Phone lines are answered all hours, every day of the year for your convenience.

We understand people have busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules so most of our inspections are done after normal working hours and on weekends.

Professional Photography

To get the highest price for your property, presenting your house in the best possible way is crucial.

At McFarlane Real Estate we will ensure that first impression is a great one via our professional photographer who will ensure the best aspects of your house is captured.

Inspections Tailored to Suit You

We only bring through genuine ‘ready to buy’ buyers so as a home seller you know that any inspection we carry out can result in a sale.

This means no strangers or nosy neighbours wandering through your home on open house inspections.

Our personal inspections also means we can use our sales expertise to address any concerns from interested buyers on the spot and make sure we get the best price for your property.

Thousands of Testimonials

We are extremely proud of having thousands of clients that will happily recommend our services.

This proves to you that we have left a path of happiness behind us.

Be sure to ask the other agents if they can do the same.

View just a few of our testimonials from happy clients on our website, office window display or office foyer.

Group inspection creating accuracy and competition Our entire sales team will be working to sell your home. In most real estate office there is no incentive for other agents in that office to sell another’s listing, but at McFarlane Real Estate we incentivise our sales team on every sale.

Before going to market we also conduct a group inspection where we will give you further feedback on the value of your home by trained professionals.